Google Sketchup 3D Challenge #064 – Luxury Motor Yacht

I have been participating in the Google SketchUp 3D Challenge since challenge #40.  My latest entry into the challenge is a modern luxury yacht.  It was inspired by the Sabdes 50M Axebow, a hybrid diesel/electric hybrid vessel designed to be economical and environmentally sound yet high-end luxury.  I know very little about the workings of yacht but with some research through Wikipedia and Google I decided on a planing hull which is the type of hull a speedboat uses.  Typically a yacht of this size uses a displacement hull with a bulbous bow which provides a great amount of stability but I wanted a high performance design that would be more about fun than elegance.  Take a look at what I came up with: The SoloCraft 52m Planing Hull Luxury Motor Yacht.  You must have Google SketchUp (free) to view the model interactively.  If you don’t have SketchUp installed, you may take a look at the image gallery below:

Update: I won the Challenge in a tie with a.j.unknow!

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