Google SketchUp 3D Challenge #083 – Concept Vehicle

For this challenge I designed a two-seater two-wheeled car. It balances on its two parallel wheels in the same fashion as a Segway scooter. The vehicle is driven by 2 large efficient electric motors (one for each wheel) allowing one wheel to move independently of the other allowing for greatly enhanced maneuverability. The car is powered by either the solar cells in the roof during the day or by the hydrogen fuel cell in the floor during the night or other low light conditions. The large wheels surround the entry doors which open by rotating backward on an offset axis allowing for a spacious opening.  It is designed to have a minimalist interior free of a cluttered dashboard.  In place of the dash is a large translucent view screen that rises out of the floor when the vehicle is on.  The view screen provides area to display it’s virtual gauges as well as controls for the navigation system and media player.  The vehicle is controlled by two joysticks on the armrests of both seats.  Both passengers have the option of driving the vehicle with either the left or right palm joystick and controlling the rest of the car’s functions with the opposite joystick.  There is also a generously sized cargo area in the back that expands for additional space when needed.  Take a look at the gallery below or download the model for a closer look.

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