Google SketchUp 3D Challenge #084 – Art Adaptation

This week’s challenge was difficult because we had to recreate a well-known work of art in SketchUp.  I chose to do Edward Hopper’s Nighthawks oil painting.  Big mistake as it turns out.  It’s looks great as a painting but if you go trying to recreate it in 3D and take care in dong so, it is practically impossible.  It’s just that the physical perspective of the painting does not translate to any form of reality.  If I was recreating a photo, then no sweat, but a painting isn’t a photo, it’s an impression of someone else’s perception of something real.  Had Edward Hopper traced a photograph onto canvas it would have made it easier but that’s not his style. I didn’t have enough time to add all of the details and definitely not the time of the capability to model the people.  To match the painting perfectly I would have had to put way too much work into it.  Did I do it justice?  You be the judge.



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