Google SketchUp 3D Challenge #088 – Skyscraper

I took a break from the challenges for a while to focus on my entry for the Design It: Shelter competition which is co-sponsored by the Guggenheim and Google.  It was coming along nicely so I decided to do the Skyscraper challenge in the meantime

Here’s my entry for Challenge #088 – Skyscraper. I have designed it to stand 5280 feet tall (1 mile). The skyscraper would be zoned for mixed use including office space, retail space, restaurants, apartments and condominiums. This would likely be the largest structure on Earth if it were built and would be the showpiece for the city it resides in. There are a total of 395 floors on the main tower with 132 floors on each of the 4 sibling towers for a total of 923 floors. There is an immense spire that extends from the top of the sibling towers to the top of the main tower then extends a quarter mile above that. The footprint of the pedestal base is more than 6 1/2 acres in area and the tower would sit on a 10 acre city block.  See the model here and see the image gallery below:

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  1. Well done good work, like it

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