Starship Project Update 8

Oh, boy, I have really done a lot since the last update.

First off I had been working on the loading ramp for the command module, but after getting so far into it I decided it was way to long and steep. So I scratched the ramp and removed it from the model. After watching a recent episode of The Clone Wars I was inspired by the landing craft used by Mandalorian leader Duchess Satine. That ship has a platform that lowers down from the bottom of the ship’s hull instead of the never-ending steep ramp.

While I was contemplating the whole ramp issue I moved on to other things. I made a small change to the contouring of the cowling around the bridge/landing craft. No big deal there.

I decided to make the bottom of the hull flat to allow for more room in the command module and so the entry platform didn’t have to lower so far. Making the bottom of the ship flat also allowed me to shift the front landing gear inward so it would no longer interact with the contour of the hull.

For the purposes of later adding gun turrets later on, I rearranged the "Jeffrie’s tubes" so the turrets would be in the middle of the hull plating panels instead of the edges to make it cleaner looking.

I created the engines for the landing craft in the likeness of the engines on the snowspeeders seen in The Empire Strikes Back.

The next big thing I did was starting to create the wall panels inside the command module. For the back wall I tried my best to fit as many standard sized wall panels on to it within the confines of the shape of the shape of the room. This caused there to be a lot of wasted space, so instead I created the wall then redesigned the shape of the room to fit the wall.  After that I made the side wall panels with large openings left for computer terminals/stations to be modeled later on.

After I created the entry platform, as I mentioned before, I modeled the walls surrounding it and added the doorway in to it.

I then made another small change to model by making the standard wall corners rounded instead of squared off. I think it looks much better.

With the command module underway I finally got to modeling the main viewport (front window). I won’t bore you with the details in modeling it but instead let the pictures speak for themselves.

And finally I changed the hull accent color to a darker and more vibrant shade of blue. I also "painted" other surfaces this color to change the look of the ship a bit.

See the gallery below or here to see what was added this update:

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