Starship Project Update 9

Note: From here on out the Control Module will now be known as the Bridge and the Bridge/Landing Craft will be known as the Helm.

Yet another big update on the Starship Project. This time most of the work has been done on the interior and more specifically the Bridge.

But first I designed the outer door/cargo lift for the cargo section. It is a simple design reminiscent of the design of the lift gate found on the back of an Earth bound small delivery truck. Yes, it is not so sophisticated but it gets the job done.

Back to the Bridge… I modeled some curved panels to bridge the gap between the side panels and the bezel of the main viewport. I then created the ceiling (again nothing special).

The next part I didn’t document with many pictures because it was just repetitive. I modeled the walls of the lower section of the Bridge creating the walls of the captains ready room (or office) in the fore section and another small room between the captain’s ready room and the entry room.  The cutouts of the floor of the upper section were changed to have a consistent overhang over the walls the floor is supported by.

To facilitate personnel to go from the lower to upper section of the Bridge I designed two small lifts on the back wall of the Bridge. The ladders in the cargo room will be replaced with these when I get around to it.

The next thing I did was model the main holoprojector in style of one seen in one of the Star Wars movies. I couldn’t help myself, I had to also add a holographic image of Chewbacca.

I then went to work modeling the computer terminals for the lower section of the Bridge. They are designed to be used to control the weapon systems, communications and in an emergency they can assume helm control. They kind of look half way between a console on the USS Enterprise NCC-1701 and one on the Death Star.

And finally I created an elevator and elevator shaft to take personnel from the lower level of the Bridge to upper the up to the Helm. To accommodate space to walk around the elevator on the upper level of the Bridge I extended the floor out and added support beams underneath.

See the gallery below or here to see what was added this update:

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