Starship Project Update 11

The project is moving forward quite well. But not the ship so much because it still doesn’t have maneuvering thrusters.  This time around I worked on finishing the Bridge and also completely modeled the interior of the detachable Helm.

For the Bridge I first designed and modeled a 4 man computer console station which would be used for tactical and communication purposes.

I then moved on creating seating for all of the computer consoles. The seats borrowed parts from previous Google SketchUp 3D Challenge entries I created (See Concept Vehicle and Library entries). I used the seat cushion, seat back and armrest brackets of Concept Vehicle and the seat pedestal from the Library chair. This was a big shortcut that saved a lot of time. I simplified the armrest pads by removing the arch.  These seats will be used all throughout the vessel with only simple modifications based on their purpose.

I created some simple view screens similar to Earth bound LCD TV’s for the top of the main viewport. They also have been placed on the back of the turbolift shafts.

The last thing I added to the Bridge is a desk for the commanding officer in the ready room. The desk has dual computer consoles giving access to reports and logs as well as the comm. system.

Now on to the detachable Helm interior…

I failed to make pictures of everything I did on the Helm at first but prior to creating the Helm controls I added some walls to delineate the cockpit. This also created two equipment/storage rooms on either side of the cockpit. For the Helm controls I simply modified the computer console input panels to create a station for both pilot and copilot or smuggler and Wookiee depending on who is in possession of the ship. I created a platform to raise up the cockpit for an easier look out the viewport.

The next job was to create an entrance for the Helm when it is detached and used as a landing craft. I settled on a simple lift gate design that will reveal the door.

I then went on to create the walls for the rest of the Helm. In doing so I repeated the use of the wall computer consoles used below in the Bridge.  I used one on each side of the craft and left openings for seating and beds for rotating Helm crew. I put in the back wall with the rear bulkhead door.

Cubbyholes were then modeled for the additional seating and beds. And of course I then modeled the seating and beds.

I added wall boxes To the back to wall just to add some interest.

I then added seats for the cockpit and gave them headrests. In addition to the seats I added some control boxes flanking both sides of the helm controls. And finally I added the tactical and communication station to the back of helm craft and a desk in front of the elevator behind the cockpit.

What’s next? Weapon systems, communications array, maneuvering thrusters and the rest of the internal fixtures.   I will probably also add minor details for the hull.

See the gallery below or here to see what was added this update:

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