Starship Project Update 12

This update is very big this time. There are 33 images in the update gallery and the most so far. I created all of the weapons, the rest of the propulsion system and the main antenna. In addition to those items I completely overhauled the cargo section and extended the docking ports outward so they can dock with much larger vessels.

The first thing I modeled during this update was the Quad Laser Cannons. I decided on having 12 of them to go along with the 12 weapon stations on the bridge. This is an excessive amount of Quadlasers and would never be allowed in the era of the Empire but nonetheless I have made sure the ship is heavily fortified. The Tantive IV had just 2 dual laser cannons and 4 single laser cannons and if you’ve seen Star Wars then you know that didn’t go over so well. The design of the quadlasers my ship uses were based on the quad turbolaser cannons seen on the Trade Federation’s Lucrehulk class droid control ships. Since these guns are remotely controlled weapons there is a holocamera mounted between the the symmetrical gun halves. If the camera is knocked out somehow the gun could be set to automatically match it’s trajectory with a neighboring gun. A hole was punched through the hull plating panels to allow the guns to connect to the Jeffrie’s tubes below the surface. The panels without guns have a plug that closes up the holes. The plugs were initially round but I changed them to square ones with some detailing on them that didn’t look so boring.

Next I moved on to the Helm/detachable landing craft weapons. It’s weapons are 4 single stationary laser cannons (2 on either side) similar to the ones seen on your standard X-wing starfighter.  These cannons are controlled by the pilot or copilot of the vessel.

The final weapons I created are a pair of torpedo launchers. They are positioned below the main viewport on either side of the ship. On the lower floor of the bridge there are two rooms one either side of the ready room that allow access to the launchers for loading ammunition and maintenance. These are not based on any known Star Wars technology but are capable of launching various types of munitions including probes.

After some brainstorming on how to integrate the design of the cargo section with the rest of the ship to make it not look so much like an afterthought I came up with the idea to curve the outer hull around the edge of the cargo section. Along with that idea I realized that the docking ports need to extend past the width of the cargo section to allow the ship to dock with large ships without the cargo section being in the way. To accomplish these changes I started working on extending the docking ports. I took the profile of the outer hull and curved it 90 degrees with a an inner radius of 5 feet on the front side of the docking ports.  I then mirrored that onto the other side of the docking ports.  I moved the docking ports outward and created end panels to surround the ports.  After that I moved on to the cargo section. I curved the hull plating similar to the docking ports but just for the front of the cargo section. In doing so I erased the old hull plating. I also had to lower the profile of the cargo section’s chamber so it would fit inside the hull. I basically modified the chamber used for the bridge section by turning it 90 degrees and making the new back wall flat. I then had to modify the engines to fit the new shape of the cargo section.

Because of the change to the rear outer hull I had to reconfigure the front of the cargo section’s inner walls to match the new profile. Also, I made the following changes and additions to the cargo section:

  • Added alcoves to the cargo chamber to reconnect the cargo section to the Jeffries’s tubes.
  • Replaced front ladders with platform elevators.
  • Removed catwalk from front to back to open up the middle of the cargo bay.
  • Replaced lower catwalks with floors similar to the ones on the bridge and extended them around the perimeter. I added guard rails.
  • Added computer consoles without joysticks to serve as engineering stations.
  • Designed and added 4 power generators on the level above the engineering stations.

I then modeled the main communications antenna in the form of a dish. For the base I reused components from the quad laser cannons except scaled up and modified for the dish. I will add to the sensor array later.

The last stuff I worked on was finishing the propulsion systems. I added maneuvering thrusters around the docking ports and around the outer cargo section walls. Finally I added forward maneuvering thrusters to the back of the ship. I reused the engines from the detachable helm and made a new heat sink for them that fit against the rear hull. That reminds me; the detachable helm needs maneuvering thrusters too.

What’s next? Escape pods. Believe it or not the hull has enough room inside the lower part. At least I hope.

See the gallery below or here to see what was added this update:

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