Starship Project Update 14

Once again I have broken my record (like a broken record) of snapshots for these starship updates with 40 pictures. This time I worked on the rest of door controls, the elevator controls, but most importantly I created the new engineering section in its entirety. There also were some more inconsistencies and minor underlying issues were solved.

The first thing I did was to fix the table design in the mess hall so the ridge would no longer be in the way people sitting at the ends of the table.

Next I made the controls for the main elevator on the bridge. They are all based on the design of the pocket door controls I designed earlier. I then added the controls for the “Jeffrie’s tubes” which are identical to the bulkhead door controls. Once I was done with the control pads I added detail to the outside of the pocket doors so they match all the other doors on the ship.

Most of the shortcomings I mentioned in the last update were taken care of this time in the form of the new engineering section. The first thing I needed to do was to move the cargo section back by 22 feet to make room for the engineering section. That required me to lengthen the hull plating to cover up the new gaping hole I created. I copied the cargo section and pasted it above the ship so I could turn the copy into the engineering section. I shortened the newly created section and cut out a hole for the bulkhead doors. Then I had to make the front wail of the cargo section flat again. I then reconfigured the wall panels to cover the walls. I also removed everything from the cargo section that would now be located in engineering. I didn’t make any snapshots until I finished creating the empty engineering section because it was just boring busy work. I then moved the engineering section in place in front of the cargo section.

Continuing the work on the engineering section I extended the crown lighting under the upper floor and added columns to support it. Once that was done I moved on to modeling the hyperdrive equipment. I decided to place the hyperdrive generator on the lower floor of the engineering section on the front wall. It’s design is based on the hyperdrive I saw in the cross section drawing of the Millennium Falcon I mentioned in the last update. I found only one other example of a hyperdrive generator online but it was just a monolith with a lot of detail that I didn’t want to add. I made the generator upright as opposed to flat so it would fit against the wall. I added some tubing at the bottom of the generator to connect to the wall. These manifolds connect the hyperdrive generator to the four power generators and to the hyperdrive motivators that will later be added to the outer hull.

Since I added manifolds to the hyperdrive I decided the power generators needed exhaust manifolds. I created these in the same way as the small ones. The pipes wind upward, then converge into one then the pipe widens and connects with the ceiling. Above the exhaust pipes I created a round vent on top of the ship to expel heat and gaseous vapors.

The next job was to design the computer core for the ship. I decided on placing the computer core on the lower level back wall of the engineering section. To make it fit I extended the floor above to create enough depth underneath so the computer core wouldn’t extend past it. For the core I decided to make it a network of several (10) computer racks containing 6 modules each. The computer core would work much like modern distributed computing systems. Each CPU works autonomously with the others and share the load creating a powerful and redundantly safe computer core. In the middle of banks of computer racks I created a network cabinet that contains a central hub where all the computers in the core and the rest of the ship connect to each other (most likely with fiber optic cables).

And finally I decided to create some display screens that show a schematic of the ship from several views that would highlight problem areas going on in the ship. This was inspired by the the ones seen on Star Trek The Next Generation in the main engineering room on the Enterprise that have the same function. To do this I simply created a style making all faces black and edges orange and set the camera to parallel projection. I then took snapshots of 4 different views and combined them into a single image. The resulting image was then used as a material. I placed one of these screens on either side of the computer core. I also decided to put them on the main level of the bridge. In addition I create 4 blank screens for the bridge to be used for tactical or communication applications.

The ship is now about 95% complete. What’s next? Hyperdrive motivators, relocation of the entrance (Likely to have two: one entrance in each airlock), the kitchen equipment and rear facing weapons.

See the gallery below or here to see what was added this update:

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