Starship Project Update 15

In my last update I said that I was going to work on 4 things this time. Well, that didn’t happen but for good reason. I didn’t create Hyperdrive motivators because I found out that a Hyperdrive motivator is the same as a Hyperdrive generator and I already made the generator. I didn’t move the main entrance of the ship because I couldn’t find a feasible place to move it to. I wanted to move it to the airlocks because that makes the most sense given that the Millennium Falcon is configured that way. The reason why I can’t do that is the fact that the lift would have to be able to raise or lower the people more than 22 feet. That’s ridiculous! So what I did accomplish was the kitchen equipment and the rear facing weapons.

For the rear facing weapons I started by modifying a quad laser cannon. I just took a half of the quad laser cannon, removed the disc and created a hinged mount for it that restricts horizontal movement (5 degrees inward and 15 degrees outward to avoid shooting the sub light engines or bumping the side of the ship). The mount housing pokes through the wall of the cargo section and has a round door accessible for maintenance inside the cargo section. There are 2 of these dual laser cannons on each side of the cargo hull.

For the kitchen equipment the first thing I modeled was an electric range. This may seem funny putting something like this on a spaceship that isn’t even from Earth but if you watch Star Wars – Episode II: Attack of the Clones you will see something similar in the scene in Dex’s Diner. It hangs on the wall in place of a wall panel and has a smooth glass top. I also created a matching range hood for each of the 2 ranges.

Continuing in the kitchen I created modular cabinets that match the style of the electric range that also hang on the wall. One of the cabinets was then further modified to become a sink. As you can see in the pictures the sink is again similar to a kitchen sink found on Earth but why reinvent the “repulsorlift”. What is different is the faucet which is operated by buttons that set the temperature and the flow rate right on the spigot.

And finally every kitchen needs a trash can so again I created one in the style of the electric range and again it hangs on the wall. I placed 2 more of these trash cans on either side of the Mess Hall entrance.

The final thing I did this time was add 2 additional landing struts in the back of the ship because I felt just two in the back were inadequate.

Along the way I also replaced all 2 3/4 and 2 1/4 panel walls with 2 1/2 panel walls to reduce the amount of components. This doesn’t reduce the file size by much but I’m trying to optimize the model as much as I can. As it currently stands the model is 17 megabytes.  I plan to upload the completed starship to the Google 3D Warehouse once done. The 3D Warehouse only lets people upload models up to 10 megabytes  so I’ll have to break it up into pieces and people will have to reassemble it.

What’s next now? The head (bathrooms), the brig, the infirmary with a small morgue and possibly some ceiling lighting. Update 16 will likely be the final update where I will declare the project finished! One problem though, it still doesn’t have a name…

See the gallery below or here to see what was added this update:

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