A long time ago…

I’ll be posting the next update (possibly final update) for my starship project soon. But as of today it just occurred to me that I have been working on this model for over an entire year! I started on it on October 12, 2009 and it is still not finished. Of course, I continue to enjoy working on the project I just never expected it to take over a year to do. At some point I will have to declare it done and beyond that I may revisit it for a “refit” later on.

There are some things I would like to revise that would require me to considerably tear into the model to fix. The main revision I am considering is making the heights of the walls consistent on the top and bottom levels of the cargo, engineering and bridge. This would probably also entail making the walls of the rooms along the main corridor the same height as the mid level of the cargo, engineering and bridge. Furthermore, I would also want to make the floors in the large sections thicker than the current thickness of 3 inches to be more consistent with ship seen in Star Wars. Doing all that would require the outer hull to become larger to accommodate the new changes. I have many other changes I can see making as well: recessing the main weapons into the hull and make it so the pop out of the hull when in use, replacing the landing struts with beefier legs that flip down instead of the current scissor mechanisms, adding porthole windows to select rooms and replacing one airlock/docking port.with a conference room.

Now you can get the picture why the project has taken so long: I don’t know when to call it done.

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