Google SketchUp 3D Challenge #126 – A Waterpowered Space Grinder-Kennel combination

Before you get any ideas, this was not my idea for the challenge. A water-powered space aged grinder/kennel sounds like something only a madman would come up with but I assure you’, it wasn’t me! There were several ideas suggested to the challenge administrator so he took three random suggestions and combined them into a single challenge. I thought the whole idea was stupid but then I thought it was actually brilliant because it would actually be a real challenge.

What I came up with was mostly inspired by the architecture from The Jetsons, Space Mountain, the planet Kamino, some cable stayed bridges and inadvertently, the Space Needle. I want even trying to mimic the Space Needle but if you flipped the bottom halves of the saucer s and flipped them over they would look almost exactly like the top of it. The whole idea is that these grinder/kennels would be built just off shore in the ocean so they can be powered by the tidal current.

The grinder portion of the design would be used to grind meat for human consumption. Large chunks of meat would be deposited by some sort of hovering delivery vehicle into the top of the grinding tower where they would then be ground into intermediately sized chunks of meat by the oversized burr grinder. The meat would then pass through a junction leading to 6 traditional styled meat grinders that would extrude the final product into the storage compartments in the roof. The ground meat would then be sucked out of the compartments by the ground meat collection vehicles.

The kennel is located under the meat grinder and is designed to handle 24 dogs. Each dog has its own pod built into the main floor. They are arranged in a circular layout and are accessed through round port hole style doors in the lower center floor. A large ramp leads to the main floor surface. The pods features automatically filled water bowls that a plumbed into the water supply. The bowl would be periodically drained and be refilled with cool water to stay fresh. The built in food bowl is filled the old fashioned way by the caretaker of the facility. The pods also feature a very generously sized bed for sleeping. Additionally the pods have skylights for monitoring the dogs.

The inside of the kennel is quite large to accommodate playtime for even the largest breeds of dog. There are also two cantilever outdoor play yards that feature real grass for outside play and potty needs. And don’t you worry Denver, there is no reason to feel guilty, there are no cat treats to steal…

All of this is powered by water using the tidal stream generator attached to the secondary platform’s tower base below the surface of the water. These are basically small wind turbines under water that rotate with the water current going back and forth from sea to shore. The power cable is connected to the tower and leads to a rack of dozen large storage batteries in the utility closet in the secondary platform. The utility closet also contains the water desalination filtering equipment that provides the water for the whole facility.

The secondary platform also serves as the caretaker apartment and would include all modern conveniences. The apartment comes sparsely furnished and ready to be personalized for the caretaker. There is also a communications antenna located on the top of the cupola of this platform.

This challenge had a longer time period to work on it than usual which allowed me to make the facility pretty detailed. Had there had been even more time I would have added some worker robots, a dock for flying vehicles to perch on and the vehicles themselves, a boat dock and some kind of elevator to get people and their dogs to the kennel. The caretaker would have their own flight dock and have access to a private cantilever patio.

See the model in the Google 3D Warehouse here and the gallery below:

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