Untitled Capital Ship Project Update 9

This is a short update because it involves just one big change: the escape pods.

As I mentioned before, the escape pods were starting to bug me and the reason is that the entry doors are just too big to be swung open into the inside of the ship. Because the doors took up so much space when opened, I had to compromise the design of the escape pod launch rooms to accommodate them.

I wanted the escape pods to match those on the Tantive IV and at the same time match the general design of the escape pod access ports inside the ship. That was just not possible to do with the design of the escape pods seen in the movie. To get the launch rooms designed to my liking I decided to compromise on the design of the escape pods themselves.

My modification of the escape pod was relatively simple. Instead of an entry door that swings outward, there are now two sliding bulkhead doors in its place. The only trade off is that there is no padding on the back of the doors for escapees to lean on. So, if you are the last ones in with a full pod, your only comfort is that you won’t be blown up along with the ship when the Empire attacks.

The change to the escape pod design allowed me to create a design for the launching room that much better matched what is seen in Star Wars. There are no more huge red doors but instead there are round bulkhead doors that open horizontally. On either side of these new access ports are divider panels that are reminiscent of the ones on the Tantive IV. They serve no purpose other than aesthetic detail. I pushed back the wall across from the escape pod access ports to allow for more room. Moving the walls made the rooms accessed from the main corridor smaller.

What is next? The Bridge… It’s time to work on the interior for a while.

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