Untitled Capital Ship Project Update 10

That’s it, I’ve done it again by failing to write an update for a long time! Because of this I will be splitting the progress of the ship into two updates. In this update I will go over the progress of the Bridge interior and the next one to follow will be on the Helm.

It was about time that I started to work on the interior of the ship for a while. I decided on working on the Bridge which is one of the largest sections of the ship and possible the most highly detailed one.

I had done some work on the Bridge interior before but it mostly entailed the split level floor and putting in basic wall panels. The wall panel work, in the end, was pointless as now it has been completely redone.

The first thing I did was remove the wall panels I had added from before and replace them with the panel design from the escape pod junctions. I then re-sized the openings in the split level floor to allow for more space in the crew pits. I also increased the size of the lower platform by removing most of the sides of the upper platform that overlapped the lower platform. The crew pits needed walls for the future computer consoles to rest again so I added those. I picked a shade of gray for the floor and made the recessed lighting on the edges of the floor a light red.

The entry into the crew pits from under the upper platform needed access doors and I hadn’t designed the non-blast-doors for the ship. I came up with what I think is a cool design for the doors. The design on the door slabs look a lot like the shape of the very middle of reactor core of the Death Star II or an hourglass…  This will probably be the design for this type of door throughout the rest of the ship with exception to the color. They will be used wherever there is no bulkhead to cross.

Next I decided to put a large holocam projector, much like I did in my first ship, at the front of the bridge. Instead of creating an all new holocam projector component I just went ahead and used the one I modeled for the other ship. When I was doing this I realized that the main viewport was way too high for someone to look out from the lower platform of the split level floor. To remedy this I designed a platform that was 2 feet higher to go on top of the lower platform. In the design I made a peninsula in the middle to accommodate the holocam projector. I also allowed enough room for people to stand around the projector.  The crew pits had to be shortened for the new platform that was created.  It was okay to shrink the crew pits down because now there is less work to do there.

To break up the monotony of the simple wall panels and to delineate the space I modeled a large wall section that arches across the ceiling and to the other side of the room. I decided to use the sound deadening panels above the upper level of the Bridge instead of the basic panels to add some texture to the walls. On the port and starboard sides of the Bridge I decided to follow the edge of the large wall section with the uppermost wall panels to make the edges of the ceiling look cohesive.

Drawling inspiration from the bridge of a Executor-class Star Dreadnought (A.K.A. Super Star Destroyer), I decided to have two large tubes running parallel from the front to back of the bridge. This had been a plan of mine since the beginning of the project and they are meant to correspond to the parallel tubes on the top hull of the ship. I haven’t decided on a purpose for these tubes yet but on the Executor-class appear to have something to do with the life support system because they appear to have air vents on them. It’s really hard to know for certain because they are just part of a matte painting for The Empire Strikes Back. Once the tubes were in place I had to shift the one on the top of the hull over by 9 inches to make them line up. 9 inches on a ship this size is barely noticeable but I know it’s off so I had to fix it. Alongside the tubes on the Bridge I decided to make the walls blend into the ceiling which has ceiling lights instead of wall panels.

Because of the size of the main viewport I felt it was necessary to have blast doors in the case of the transparasteel window being shattered. The 210CR Blockade Runner I designed does not have blast doors and that is a major flaw in the design. There is enough room in the hull to have made blast doors that raise up or lower down vertically but I wanted something that would better fit the design of the vessel. So, instead I made two blast doors that fit the angle of the front of the Bridge and raise and lower to meet in the middle. They have interlocking teeth like the Landing Bay bulkhead doors on the bottom of the ship. When the blast doors were finished my mother thought it made the front of the ship look like a shark because of the teeth. That wasn’t my intent but now that I think of it the vessel looks a lot like the giant fish that ate the other giant fish that was chasing Qui Gon, Obi-Wan and Jar Jar Binks in the Gungan Bongo submarine in The Phantom Menace.

For the forward-most part of the Bridge interior I needed a way to transition from the sidewalls to the front walls with the main viewer. The whole time I had been working on the Bridge I didn’t know how I was going to do it. But, once I was done with the blast doors it occurred to me that the design of the huge arched wall could be adapted for the forward part of the Bridge. I cut it in half and extended the middle or the wall forward and fit it against the front walls. Somehow along the way I had knocked the original part out of place so I had to make it twice which was a bit aggravating. I also made it so the ridges of the arched walls would go over the face of the tubes in the ceiling for some style.

Now that I had figured out what to do with the forward section of the Bridge I needed to create a surround for the main viewport. I started out making a thin bezel around the viewport with flat wall above and below. I decided that looked terrible so I trashed that idea. When I went to bed that day, I started thinking about what I would do instead and came up with something I liked much better. The problem with that design method is that I’m in bed and my brain doesn’t want to shut up so I can get some shuteye. But anyway I was able to do exactly what I thought up which is another feat because my thoughts rarely translate to what I actually end up doing. What I did was make panel segments that would curve over the edges of the viewport. Because of the compound angles of the viewport walls I made the panels straight across the width of the viewport then I used the FredoScale plug-in ‘Box Planar Shearing to Target ‘ function to fit them to the forward angle of the viewport. Doing it that way made for a very clean looking result.

The next part I worked on was the ceiling section between the middle wall arch and the forward section of the Bridge. Again, I drew inspiration from the command bridge of the Executor-class Star Dreadnought. I modeled some boxes on the ceiling that appear to have some purpose on the ceiling. I created these parts in 3 different designs on one side of the ceiling then copied and rotated them to the other side of the ceiling. I then modeled a part for the center of the ceiling and made a panels with random details on them to go on either end of it. This is the first time I have created details like these for a model. They are for aesthetics only and serve the only purpose of filling space.

The only remaining surface to cover on the Main Bridge was above the turbolift. The top of the turbolift shaft looked kind of plain for being on the Bridge so I decided to dress it up. I found a desktop wallpaper for the Star Wars: The Old Republic game that inspired the design of the top of the turbolift shaft. The wallpaper image has a huge holocam projector in the middle of a room presumably on a ship. I modeled the top of the turbolift shaft based on the upper part of the projector. It looked pretty good but the ceiling was still not done. Because the turbolift is round I decided on making panels for the ceiling with a star burst arrangement.

With the wall coverings for the Bridge done I decided to move on to the Helm section of the ship. I will cover the work I did there in the next update.

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