Untitled Capital Ship Project Update 15

In this update I am covering the work I have done to the Main Entrance Junction and the Cargo Bays since the last update I wrote. There are only 15 snapshots to look at this time because there just wasn’t much detail to show because the majority of the work was already done.

First thing I did was color in all of the parts in the Main Entrance Junction to match the color choices in the corridor sections of the ship. I thought about replacing the wall panels and dividers with the utility versions but I decided to leave it as it was because it isn’t just a work area of the ship, it’s the first thing passengers see when they board the ship when the ship is landed.

Next I changed the design of the cargo bulkhead doors to be consistent with the bulkhead door at the entrance of the Main Bridge. The arched bulkhead doors I replaced looked out of place and not consistent with the design of the ship. Those arches still exist in the ship, just not as the border of large bulkhead doors. The change only involved enlarging the design from the Main Bridge so there isn’t much to see as far as the buildup goes.

There needed to be a computer console for the cargo manifests so I made a wall console for that and put one next to each cargo bulkhead door. The console design was borrowed from the standing wall consoles in the Engineering Section sans the radar display and some unnecessary controls. I could have added a lot more computer consoles to the Main Entrance Junction but for security purposes it’s important to limit what people can do to potentially cause harm to the ship.

The turbolift in the junction looked somewhat plain compared to the one on the bridge so I added the top piece of the one on the Main Bridge to make it look better and more consistent with the rest of the ship. I also took the liberty of copying the design of the ceiling panels above the turbolift on the bridge here as well and with a little modification to make it fit in footprint needed.

Next, I decided to add ceiling panels to the main ceiling section of the Main Entrance Junction. Again, I copied the parts from elsewhere on the ship. I used to ceiling light panel design from the Landing Bay and the Engineering Section. I had to make additional sizes of the panels to fit the ceiling but that was just a matter of resizing them. In doing so, I had to raise the height of the ceiling and create a ceiling for the catwalk above the junction matching the one in the Landing Bay.

At this point in time I decided to switch gears and work on finishing the Cargo Bay interiors. First thing I did was work on replacing all the wall panels and dividers with the utility versions. I didn’t want the dividers and light bars around the wall panels to have any illumination s I made new ones without lights. I decided to also change the color scheme of the paneling just to change things up.

The Cargo Bays are very cavernous on this ship so I decided to give them three floor levels to help divide the space up. In order for crew members to access the two upper levels, I decided to add lift platforms to get them there. I adapted the design of the platform lifts from the ones seen in the Landing Bay. I changed the lift platform to be used parallel to the walls instead of perpendicular and without the activation plate at the top of the wall track. The platforms stop at each floor and when someone is in proximity, they automatically raise or lower to meet them.

Before adding the actual floors I added columns to the outer walls of the same design used in the Landing Bay. At the same time I added the ceiling design also from the Landing Bay. Again, the ceiling had to be raised 22 inches for the ceiling design to fit. I had to create more ceiling light panel shape to accommodate the positions of the wall columns.

The final thing I did in the Cargo Bays was add the floors. The floors are the same standard design as everywhere else on the ship. I didn’t design any containers or any cargo haulers yet but they will be designed eventually.

To cut down on the size of the model I decided to have the starboard Cargo Bay with the bulkhead closed. To ‘lower’ the bulkhead door I created another version of the bulkhead door component with the door shut. I then removed the starboard Cargo Bay from the model because it is no longer accessible. With the bulkhead slammed shut, I needed to give the door some design on its face otherwise it would be solid gray. As pointed out by nephew, the design of the bulkhead door slab looks like a garage door from Earth. Yes, it does, so I beveled the corners of the panels around the perimeter to make the doors more ‘spaceshippy’ for lack of a better term.

The final thing I did that is covered in this update is the addition of a bulkhead to the Main Entrance of the ship. It is the same design as the other bulkheads in the junction, only wider. To fit the door into the ship I had to lengthen the ship by 52 inches. I didn’t have to lengthen the ship to make it fit; it was just the best solution I could come up with to avoid modifying too many parts.


What’s next? I think it is time to work on the interior of the Observation Deck, yay!

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