Untitled Capital Ship Project Update 17

Since my last update I have focused on adding details to the exterior of the ship. Some of the details added are just cosmetic but others are essential to the operation of the vessel.

I Added:

  • Vents below Tactical Bridge
  • More Detail to the Dorsal Ridge
  • Auxiliary Thrusters
  • More Medium Turbolaser Cannons
  • More Landing Struts to the Stern Section
  • Vertical panels to various parts of the ship
  • Shield Generators
  • Proton Torpedo Tubes
  • Maneuvering Thrusters
  • Horizontal Heat Sinks along edges of ‘Wings’ and other edges of the same design

Aside from the additions, I changed a few things:

  • Removed the curved side walls of the Tower and made them straight instead allowing for the width of the new vents below the Tactical Bridge
  • Made the rear fascia of the Tower pointed
  • Inset the side walls of the Main Entrance exterior for detail

The vents below the Tactical Bridge were created during the progress made in the last update but I waited to mention it in this update because I knew it would involve more exterior work on the ship. These vents are meant for the intake of fresh air when the ship is within a suitable atmosphere. I started making them slanted back first but then decided to make them swept back as well. This was accomplished by making the vents including the louvers at the correct height and width (only upright and flat) and then used the Planar Shearing command from the FredoScale plugin in SketchUp to slant the angles in both directions. Without the FredoScale plugin it would have been very difficult to model the vents this way. After the vents were slanted I added a detail to side of them that resemble the ears of a Stormtrooper helmet just for fun.

After looking at the Dorsal Ridge for a while I decided it needed more detail. It also didn’t feel substantial enough. Removing it didn’t work because then the top of the Landing Bay looked too plain. I first tried to make it segmented in a few different directions and that didn’t work for me either. I decided to have a wider ride with vertical panels inset on either side. The panels are not vertical with the ship but in relation to the slope of the ridge. I made the panels a dark grey for contrast and then it was finished.

From the beginning when I was working on the main engines I thought there should be auxiliary engines in the event the main engines go offline. It took me a long time to get back to that idea so I decided to make it simple and use the thruster of the landing craft on my previous ship that was based on the ones seen on the snow speeders from Empire Strikes Back. All I did to use them on this ship was to scale them up and change the colors to match. The segment count for the base part was too low so I remade it with the follow me tool with double the segments. Once I placed the Auxiliary Thrusters on rear fascia of the ship it looked unbalanced. To make it look better I inset the side walls of the Main Entrance with a beveled edge to complement the thrusters.

The next thing I decided to do was add some Medium Turbolaser Cannon turrets to the underside of the craft because the defenses were lacking there. I added one under each ‘wing’ and two under the mid hull section. I also went ahead and added some more landing struts to the stern hull section to better support the heavy ship. The landing struts are still somewhat small for the ship so the repulsorlifts will have to handle some portion of the weight especially if landed on a planet with a greater gravitational force than what’s typical.

A minor change was made to the rear fascia of the tower. I changed it from being flat to pointed to continue with the pointed aesthetic of the ship. I would also do this to the rear fascia of the ship if there wasn’t much to change.

Some more small details were added: I added vertical panels to the inset behind the docking rings and some more to the openings of the Bridge Section cowling and Mid-Hull cowlings that lead to the glass corridor on top of the ship.

The ship needs shields if it is to survive in the Star Wars Universe. The only problem is there is no diagram or picture I could find to show me what they are supposed to look like other than a diagram for a game walk-through which shows absolutely no details. What I came up with looks like a miniature deflector shield from a Starfleet vessel from the Star Trek universe. Instead of just one like in those ships, I placed several of these shield generator emitters on the ship: 2 on either side of the Landing Bay, 1 on both sides of the tower and 1 on both sides of the Mid Hull section for a total of 8.

Originally, I was going to have proton torpedo tubes come out of the end of the tubes that are seen on top of the ship and from inside the ceiling of the Main Bridge but when it came time to do it I found it to be a terrible place for them. They would be located right under the Helm Section and it would look odd. The best place for the Proton Torpedo Tubes turns out to be under the nose of the ship. I had previously added a bulge there just to give the front of the ship more detail but now that I was adding the torpedo tubes it seemed like the logical place. First, I needed a room on the ship for the crew to access the torpedo launchers and there wasn’t anything currently in that spot so I carved out a space for the room and added the turbolift shaft and the utility wall panels. I will return here later to add the machinery. Next I repositioned the bulge under the front of the ship so the torpedo tubes would be exactly in the middle of the wall inside the machine room. Then I created a flat piece that resembled the grille on some commercial vehicle and added the torpedo tube openings. I also decided this would be a good place for forward facing lights which made it look even more like a grille on the front of a commercial vehicle. I then cut the part down the middle and once again used the Planar Shearing command from FredoScale plugin to make it fit the slanted face of the ship. Once it was shaped like it needed to be I added the light emitters and made the tubes extend all the way to the walls of the machine room.

Another crucial system for a starship is the maneuvering thrusters. Without them the ship would not be able to turn, move laterally or even stop moving. The thrusters I designed for the ship are basically small rocket motors arranged in pairs. For lateral movements and turning, I have 4 pairs of thrusters on each side of the ship: 2 pairs in the ‘trench’ of the ‘wings’ and 2 more in the ‘trench’ of the Escape Pods section of the ship. For vertical movement I have 6 pair total of upward facing thrusters on the top of the ‘wings’ and the Docking Rings and 6 pair total of downward facing thrusters under the wings and under the Docking Rings. For slowing and reversing the ship there needs to be a little more power so I have 4 clusters of 4 thrusters located on the front of the Landing Bay section.

While I was working on the Maneuvering Thrusters I also added some horizontal fins for detail to the ‘trenches’ of the ‘wings’, the Escape Pod section and the ‘wings’ of the Tactical Bridge. I was thinking I would add greeblies in those areas but I decided I’d rather put things on the ship that would serve a purpose instead of adding stuff for the sake of aesthetics alone. The fins would be used like heat sinks to dissipate heat and possibly have coolant running through them like a radiator.

The last thing I have done to ship so far is add another Medium Turbolaser Cannon directly under the nose of the ship and the Proton Torpedo tubes. The trick to mounting the turret was carving out a flat spot into the bulge under the nose in way that looked like it was meant to be there and not an afterthought even though it was an afterthought.

What’s next? I’m not quite sure but my focus needs to turn to the interior of the ship. Once the interior is done so will the ship.

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