Untitled Capital Ship Project Update 19

This post covers the final work done on the Briefing Room. I have since finished the Medbay (formerly the Infirmary) and I will cover that in the next update. This was a rather simple room to finish because all it was missing were the railing on the upper level, a large tactical holoprolector, seating for the lower level and the ceiling design for the room.

First off I decided to make the opening of the upper floor circular instead of square as I had left it before. Making it round would give the crew an equal vantage point for viewing the holoprojection from the upper floor during the briefings. Around the circle there are four other openings in the floor for no real purpose other than aesthetics.

Safety is never half a thought in the Star Wars universe but in this case I decided the upper floor needed railings because the crew members would be standing close to the edge statically and not just passing by the danger. Additionally I wanted there to be small computer consoles for the crew members to view and the perfect placement for them seemed to be on some kind of railing. I designed to railing to look industrial and I made sure it didn’t look like something from Star Trek universe where safety is actually well thought out. The rail posts lean towards to opening to the floor below and have a vertical strip of lighting on the front and back sides. In addition to the wide metal top rail, there are two intermediate rails with a similar profile to the top rail but are tilted downwards for some aesthetics.

The computer consoles on the railings consist of a small display screen with some control switches, buttons, indicator lights and a speaker sourced from other computer consoles on the ship. The consoles are applied to the top of every other rail post for a total of 12 consoles.

The next thing I started to work on was the ceiling and specifically the part above the holoprojector to appear below it. This element of the ceiling is purely for aesthetic purposes but now that I look back at it, it could probably serve a function for room acoustics. It is comprised of multiple segments arranged in a circle tapering outward.

Because the part of the ceiling was directly over the spot set aside for the holoprojector, I skipped ahead to modeling the holoprojector. The holoprojector was directly based on the CS-Mark 12 holoprojector used by the Rebel Alliance in Return of the Jedi. The holoprojector is the main focus for the room so I made it fairly detailed. I didn’t bother try to scale it exactly like the one in the movie but I think I came pretty close.

Once the holoprojector was done I went back to work on the ceiling. I started off by surrounding the large circular ceiling structure with the ceiling panels established in the ship’s main corridor. I had to make some new ceiling panels to fit around the freestanding wall at the front of the room. I then added a bezel around the circular ceiling structure and some large panels to fill the transition to the regular ceiling panels. At the middle of the ceiling I added a circular ring with can lights around the circumference and a large spotlight in the middle.

On the lower floor I placed two curved wall consoles at the back of the room. I also added a wall couch sourced from the commanding officer’s ready room to the wall at the front of the room for those conducting the briefings. Finally I designed some amphitheater style seating to be placed around the circumference of the holoprojector. The rest of the room is standing room only.

What’s next? The Medbay which has already been completed. Now that the Medbay is finished I will be moving on to the Brig and the Armory. That sounds like a dangerous combination but I promise it will make sense later.

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