Blastech T-21 Light Repeating Blaster

Blastech T 21 Light Repeating Blaster

I had a lot of fun creating the DL-44 blaster model so I thought I would do another. This time it was the Blastech T-21 Light Repeating Blaster from Star Wars: A New Hope. The Sandtrooper squad leader used it tracking the droids they were “looking for”. They used it in a only few scenes and not much is known about it except for that it was a WWI Era Lewis Machine Gun with some parts added to it.

Most of the work was modeling the Lewis Gun and that is 95% of what comprises the blaster. If you simply take away the wires and connectors that I modeled and add the field mount, you have a fairly accurate model of a Lewis Gun. I use the word “fairly” because my modeling is based what I could measure from the few good photos and some old schematics I found on the web.

One difficult aspect of modeling this blaster is knowing exactly what was added to the prop to make it uniquely Star Wars. Some people have built their own replicas of these blasters but because the only source material is from screen captures, our eyes have to try to make out blurred details. The original prop simply does not exist anymore because it went back to the armorer it was rented from so there are no detailed photos of what was actually done. In addition, to complicate things even further, people have built versions of this prop based off an inaccurate version done by someone else.

One part commonly added to the top of the barrel is some half-cylinder shaped item but from the screen captures I have examined in Photoshop, the real part is a short length of coiled wire connected the barrel in some fashion. I have taken a simple approach by attaching the coiled wire with simple wire contacts and screws.

Another point of contention is the detail to the outside of the barrel. Some people see a corrugated plastic drainpipe slid over the barrel but I see a thick cord wrapped around the barrel. It looks cool either way but I am certain it is a wrapped cord.

This was another fun model to create and I plan to do more.

Blastech T-21 Light Repeating BlasterRight SideLeft SideMuzzle
ButtstockBlaster BodyBarrel DetailCoiled Wire

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  1. Looks really man. Great work as always – Chris

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