More Snow

It appears the bulk of the snowing has finally ended.  The picture of my van in the last post was before the additional 8-12 inches we received after the photo was taken. This is not normal for this area, it usually snows no more than 2-4 inches if it snows at all.  Hopefully Western Washington has seen the worst.  I have many things to be thankful for.  I had no power outages, plenty of food and heat.  Now I watch the snow melt…


It’s snowing in the low lands of Western Washington with near record lows.  If you’re reading this blog message, it means my HughesNet satellite dish is still working in spite of the snow.  I’m not going anywhere until it melts, not because it’s just not a good idea to travel when it’s like this, but that my van would never make it up my driveway.  We just had it snowing for several hours and it seems to have stopped… for now anyways.  No, wait, I spoke too soon, it’s still snowing.  I hope a green Christmas is right around the corner.


Google Sketchup 3D Challenge #066 – Library

When I first read that the challenge was to model a library I thought “boring!” and said to myself I was skipping this one. Then I thought maybe I could do the Jedi Archive but it would be way too complex to do in 1 week. But, later as I was in bed, I starting getting the idea to make the library of the future which would have no physical books and use virtual bookshelves and virtual books (tablet computers). I had a hard time getting to sleep because I was flooded with ideas. So for a challenge I didn’t want to do at first turned into one of my favorites so far. So here it is: the Library of the Future. Take a look at the gallery below:

Google Sketchup 3D Challenge #064 – Luxury Motor Yacht

I have been participating in the Google SketchUp 3D Challenge since challenge #40.  My latest entry into the challenge is a modern luxury yacht.  It was inspired by the Sabdes 50M Axebow, a hybrid diesel/electric hybrid vessel designed to be economical and environmentally sound yet high-end luxury.  I know very little about the workings of yacht but with some research through Wikipedia and Google I decided on a planing hull which is the type of hull a speedboat uses.  Typically a yacht of this size uses a displacement hull with a bulbous bow which provides a great amount of stability but I wanted a high performance design that would be more about fun than elegance.  Take a look at what I came up with: The SoloCraft 52m Planing Hull Luxury Motor Yacht.  You must have Google SketchUp (free) to view the model interactively.  If you don’t have SketchUp installed, you may take a look at the image gallery below:

Update: I won the Challenge in a tie with a.j.unknow!

My new website and Blog

Welcome to those visiting my website for the first time.  I’ve had several versions of a personal website/blog but have never treated it too seriously until now.  On this website you will find information about me, my latest hobby/interest in 3D modeling, an occasional opinion, useful information for those with disabilities and Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy, and my like for anything Star Wars.

Why JediCharles do you ask?  Well, I generally lean towards the good side of life and in Star Wars, the good are represented as the Jedi Order and the bad as the Order of the Sith.  No worries, I won’t be dressing up as a Jedi or some other Star Wars character and acting out scenes from the movie’s.  I do have a light saber but it is for display only.  It looks and sounds like the real thing but attempting to use it like a real one might break it and even if it were real I wouldn’t use it because I know I’d drop it and cut off something useful.