Starship Project Update 7

It’s been a while since I wrote an update on my starship project mainly because I have been working on it at a much slower pace. However, since the last update I have added quite a bit.

I modeled the Hyperdrive engines loosely similar to the ones on the Tantive IV Blockade Runner with the exception of being more sleek in appearance and the fore sections being similar to an engine nacelle in the Star Trek Universe TNG era. The engines are supposed to be self contained with their own power separate from the ship and each other. They also can be ejected in the case of catastrophic failure or for tactical reasons yet to be determined. The engineering sections for each of the engines are accessed through the cargo section.

While working on the engines I was also creating the hull plating for the cargo section. Right now it doesn’t look like much as my inspiration for it was rather lackluster but for the time being it integrates with the Hyperdrive engines and serves it’s purpose. I will revisit it later when it come time to model the cargo doors and loading system.

I then started on the landing gear. It took a while to figure out the mechanics of landing gear by studying pictures from Star wars and actual aircraft. I finally came up with feet connected to hydraulic legs that fold up flush with the hull. They turned out way taller than I wanted them to be but now that they done I am going to live with it. When adding them to the front of the ship I had to create pods for them so they would be level with the back ones.

What I am working on now is the boarding ramp for the command section of the ship. It’s going to be somewhat simple albeit a bit long and steep due to the tall landing gear.

See the gallery below or here to see what was added this update:

Starship Project Update 6

Here’s the abbreviated version of the update: I punched out a reasonable sized hole on either side of the cargo bay for the cargo doors.  The cargo doors were then modeled and designed with teeth that fit into the threshold when closed. I then started on the outer hull plating of the vessel and picked a simple color scheme to be finalized later.  Then after a few ideas I came up with a shape for the command module and created it’s hull plating.  From the beginning I had envisioned that there would be a separate helm/bridge on top of the command module that could separate from the ship and act as a separate craft for defensive maneuvers or as a landing craft.  I modeled the beginnings of that secondary spacecraft and I am ready to move on to the sub light and hyperdrive engines for the primary spacecraft.  So far the engines are no more than place holders to determine the proper “placement”.

See the gallery below or here to see what was added this update:

Starship Project Update 5

Let’s see…  I added upper level catwalk and added doors for the “Jeffries Tubes” in the cargo room.  I then created the rails and rail car for the tubes. Next I started working on the docking/airlock section of the ship.  It was a bit of a challenge to add that to the model but after a bit of thinking I came up with the right solution.  I had to modify existing components and remove others to maintain the idea that the ship is modular.  The docking ring/clamp was modeled to match that of the Millennium Falcon to facilitate compatibility in the Star Wars galaxy.  I then went on to adding wall panels to the cargo area which cause me to redesign the catwalks to fit with the wall panels.  I also had to reposition the “Jeffries Tubes” and modify their doors to fit into the wall panels.  Next on the agenda I will decide how the cargo doors and landing ramps will work and where to put them.  In the more distant future I will start on the command module at the front of the vessel.  Right now an empty box is serving as the command module just for reference.  After that the outer hull plating and hyperdrive engines will be added.  This will determine the overall look of the starship.  I can’t wait to see where my vision takes me. 

See the gallery below or here to see what was added this update:

Starship Project Update 4

Since update 3 I have added quite a few things to the model.  First I was trying to join all the rooms together in a framework but decided it looked too cumbersome and it strayed too far from the idea of making the ship modular.  I then added metal straps with bolts to connect the corridor sections to each other then did the same for the rooms.  I created a bracket that would surround the corridor sections and the rooms laterally to hold them together.  This, however, blocked the doorway for the mess hall so that idea was out.  I settled upon using straps that went over just the top and bottom of the sections attached to the other straps created earlier.  A lot of details like this will never be seen in the finished model as it will be covered up by the hull plating.  I find it necessary to model unseen structural parts to help me visualize the design and to properly layer the outer hull plating.  Also, if I create an alternate damaged version of the vessel, I can choose to reveal the inner workings for effect.  The next part added to the model was the large cargo/engineering section to the stern of the ship.  It will eventually have the hyper drive and sub light engines built off of that.  A simple catwalk was created to span across the interior of cargo area.  I then decided to create “Jeffries tubes” that will run from the cargo room up to the future command/bridge module at the bow of the ship.  These access tubes will link to the port and starboard laser cannons to allow for maintenance and a quick way to get engineers from bow to stern using a small rail car.

See the gallery below or here to see what was added this update:

Starship Project Update 3

Since the last update I started adding a few more rooms including the mess hall.  When I finished modeling the wall panels for the mess hall, It occurred to me that I could have saved a lot of time had I standardized the wall panels sizes instead of creating customized walls based on the particular room.  Now I have redone all of the walls and it has given the benefit of a model will a significantly less unique components which in turn greatly reduces the file size.

See the gallery below or here to see what was added this update:

Starship Project Update 1

Since the last blog post I’ve added more rooms onto the main corridor.  There are now 4 officer quarters and 8 crew quarters (2 members per room) for a total crew compliment of 20. I am in the process of putting up the interior walls and paneling. In case you’re wondering, it will not remain all white inside, I just haven’t decided what colors to use yet.

This inside out approach of modeling the starship seems to be working out.  One problem however is I think I made the walls a bit too thick in the rooms.  I think I better address that before going further.

Stay Tuned…

See the gallery below or here to see what was added this update:

Starship Project

I decided to make “Small Starship” the topic of Challenge #002 for the SketchUp Design Challenge.  So I figured I would make my own ship model. 

It’s likely going to be a blockade runner similar to the Tantive IV Corellian Corvette in Star Wars but of my own design.  I’ve decided to make it modular so I can easily change the interior layout. I am starting by modeling the interior corridor then building outward from there; this way I avoid trying to make an interior fit into an intricate hull design.

Each room within the ship will have it’s own hull and emergency bulkheads.  The idea is that if the ship breaks apart due to an accident or attack, atmosphere will still exist within the interior rooms for the crew to survive in.

As the model progresses, I will periodically post updates here.

See the gallery below or here to see what was added this update:

Google SketchUp 3D Challenge #082 – Energy Saving Item

I decided on this challenge to create a virtual replica of the Moisture Vaporators seen on the Lars family moisture farm in Star Wars.  I normally create something completely unique so perhaps this time I took a short cut by modeling something real.  Okay, not so much real because it’s only a prop.  And if it were real we would need a droid who could speak it’s language just to get it working.  C3PO isn’t real either… hence the real problem.  If c3PO were real then people wouldn’t waste time yelling at inanimate objects when they don’t work, they would just have their custom programmed protocol droid do it.  Anyway, there are real machines that work just like a Moisture Vaporators and thankfully they don’t use binary brain units.


Updated Star Wars Section

I just updated the Star Wars section of my website by moving “My Collection” to a sub section and added an additional “My Wish List” sub-section for things I’m looking to add to my collection.  On the wish list I added Star Wars: Fate of the Jedi: Outcast on Audiobook CD as well as a couple statues from Gentle Giant Ltd.: the Wampa and Stormtrooper Deluxe Statue.