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Dec 12

210CR Updated: New Docking Ports

The docking ports on my 210CR starship have bothered me since the day I modeled them because it was hard to make heads or tails out of the images of the Millennium Falcon’s docking ports that I could find at the time. The main problem is that nobody seems to know how they work and …

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Dec 20

Starship Project Named and Ready to See

Now that my starship was done it needed a name so what I came up with is the Outer Rim Industries 210CR Fortified Blockade Runner. I didn’t want to use a known company name from the Star wars Universe because I don’t want my ship to be confused with ones in the films, books and …

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Nov 18

Starship Project Final Update

After working on my Starship Project for over a year it is finally finished! It’s not like I am tired of working on it because I have enjoyed working on it the entire time. There just comes a time when you have to declare a project done before it becomes the proverbial white elephant in …

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Oct 27

A long time ago…

I’ll be posting the next update (possibly final update) for my starship project soon. But as of today it just occurred to me that I have been working on this model for over an entire year! I started on it on October 12, 2009 and it is still not finished. Of course, I continue to …

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Sep 25

Starship Project Update 16

I had previously said in my last update that the next update would probably be the last starship project update but in reality there is still a lot to do. A lot of time has passed since update 15 and that is due to other SketchUp projects taking focus. The Infirmary and the Brig are …

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Jun 26

Starship Project Update 15

In my last update I said that I was going to work on 4 things this time. Well, that didn’t happen but for good reason. I didn’t create Hyperdrive motivators because I found out that a Hyperdrive motivator is the same as a Hyperdrive generator and I already made the generator. I didn’t move the …

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Jun 13

Starship Project Update 14

Once again I have broken my record (like a broken record) of snapshots for these starship updates with 40 pictures. This time I worked on the rest of door controls, the elevator controls, but most importantly I created the new engineering section in its entirety. There also were some more inconsistencies and minor underlying issues …

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May 29

Starship Project Update 13

Drum roll… This time I have taken 38 snapshots for this update beating the last update’s record of 33. There would have been a lot more pictures to show except I kept neglecting to capture every change. Since the last update I have created the Escape Pods, the bunks for the Crew Quarters, the tables …

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May 03

Starship Project Update 12

This update is very big this time. There are 33 images in the update gallery and the most so far. I created all of the weapons, the rest of the propulsion system and the main antenna. In addition to those items I completely overhauled the cargo section and extended the docking ports outward so they …

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Apr 14

Starship Project Update 11

The project is moving forward quite well. But not the ship so much because it still doesn’t have maneuvering thrusters.  This time around I worked on finishing the Bridge and also completely modeled the interior of the detachable Helm. For the Bridge I first designed and modeled a 4 man computer console station which would …

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