Outer Rim Industries 210CR Fortified Blockade Runner

Landed (Front ISO)This is the first ship I have designed in Google SketchUp. It designed to move highly valued or sensitive cargo and to evade capture by the enemy. This particular blockade runner is heavily armed and quite maneuverable for a vessel of it’s size. It’s interior is highly modular and can be configured for a variety of uses and even for civilian use. In the future I may configure some of those variants.

It features many of the performance characteristics with the Millennium Falcon but in a package similar to the Tantive IV Corellian Corvette. It’s most unique feature is the helm section that doubles as a landing craft. The helm/landing craft can remotely pilot the main hull or transfer controls to a computer console on the main bridge while undocked.

Update 12/12/2011: Docking Ports have been completely redone to match those on the Millennium Falcon studio model (5-Foot ANH version),


Manufacturer Outer Rim Industries
Model 210CR Fortified Blockade Runner
Class Corvette
Length 323’10 (98.7 meters)
Width 89’7 (27.3 meters)
Height 49’10 (15.2 meters) including comm. array
Maximum Speed (sublight) 75NGLT/hour
Maximum Speed (atmospheric) 1250km/h
Hyperdrive Rating Class 0.5
Sublight Engines 6 self-contained modular engines
Hyperdrive System Isu-Sim SSP05 Hyperdrive Generator
Atmospheric Thrusters 6 Ion Drivers (2 for Helm/Landing Craft, 4 for Main Hull)
Power Plant 4 Power Generators (powers ship’s systems and hyperdrive), each sublight engine is self-powered.
Outer Hull Re-inforced Ferro-Magnesium Ceramic
Armament 12 Quad Laser Cannons, 4 Dual Laser Cannons (rear facing), 4 Modified Fixed Mount Taim & Bok KX9 Laser Cannons, Dual Proton Torpedo Launchers
Cargo Capacity 750 Metric Tons
Consumables 4 Months (More if there is room in cargo bay)
Crew Complement 40 (14 Gunners (serve other duties when not in combat situations), 4 Pilots (2 per shift), 2 Command Officers, 6 Communications Officers, 6 Tactical Officers, 4 Engineers, 2 Cargo Specialists, 1 Chef, 1 Medic)
Passengers 5 (Must use couches in Staterooms and Captain’s Ready Room for accommodations)
Escape Craft 5 8-Passenger Lifeboats (ventral), Helm/Landing Craft can accommodate 29 more passengers if needed


To download and view the entire model you must have SketchUp 8.0 or Greater installed.

SketchUp 8:



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