New Website for DMD Pioneers

I just started working on a new website for DMD Pioneers, the Yahoo! Groups mailing list I belong to and moderate for. It is currently in the early development stages so there is not much to see right now. I am not alone in the over all project as there will be multiple writers involved. My primary job right now is getting the content management system set up. It is going to use Joomla 1.5 for the CMS which is something I’m new to me but it is pretty powerful and should work out great.

The goal of the website is to provide a place for information about adults living with Duchenne’s Muscular Dystrophy, and to help them continue to beat the odds against it. It will soon be a place for blogs, articles, a special place to memorialize the fellow members who are no longer with us. It will also, of course, be used to promote the mailing list on Yahoo! Groups. You can check the progress on the site by visiting it at I will also periodically on my blog here at

Updated Star Wars Section

I just updated the Star Wars section of my website by moving “My Collection” to a sub section and added an additional “My Wish List” sub-section for things I’m looking to add to my collection.  On the wish list I added Star Wars: Fate of the Jedi: Outcast on Audiobook CD as well as a couple statues from Gentle Giant Ltd.: the Wampa and Stormtrooper Deluxe Statue.

Star Wars Page Added

I just published the Star Wars page for my website.  It currently lists the contents of my Star Wars collection.  Not everything is listed because there are probably things I’ve forgotten I have…  Like my electronic Star Wars: Galactic Battle game!  Oops, I’ll add that soon.  I’ll be adding links to pictures of those items as time goes by.  I’m not sure what else I’ll add to the page other than some interesting Star Wars related links but I’m sure to come up with something.

As a note: I neglected to post a Happy New Year message, but Happy New Year nonetheless.

My new website and Blog

Welcome to those visiting my website for the first time.  I’ve had several versions of a personal website/blog but have never treated it too seriously until now.  On this website you will find information about me, my latest hobby/interest in 3D modeling, an occasional opinion, useful information for those with disabilities and Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy, and my like for anything Star Wars.

Why JediCharles do you ask?  Well, I generally lean towards the good side of life and in Star Wars, the good are represented as the Jedi Order and the bad as the Order of the Sith.  No worries, I won’t be dressing up as a Jedi or some other Star Wars character and acting out scenes from the movie’s.  I do have a light saber but it is for display only.  It looks and sounds like the real thing but attempting to use it like a real one might break it and even if it were real I wouldn’t use it because I know I’d drop it and cut off something useful.