Untitled Capital Ship Project Update 6

Once again I did a lot of work on the ship without writing one of these updates so there will be 2 updates. In this update I am focusing on the designing of the front entrance of the ship, the front landing gear and the main docking rings. In the next update I will be covering the rear landing gear, the buildup of the primary weapon and a few exterior details.

In order to accommodate a front entrance for the ship I added on to bottom of the bridge section giving the ship a “big chin”. The additional depth of the bridge section allowed me to extend the turbolift shaft to the new entrance. In addition to being the front entrance to the ship, the new bottom of the bridge serves as the front landing gear.

Since the turbolift can only be opened on one side, I created a new instance of the turbolift with the front door closed. I also created a version the turbolift shaft without windows or doors so it can be walled off. I then created the walls inside the entry room using the same panels from the escape pod junctions.

This entrance is designed much like the main entry in the stern as in the hatch is also the loading ramp. The final angle for the ramp when deployed was determined after the front feet of the landing gear were finished.

The front landing gear are basically just leveler feet. They are designed to conform to the surface the ship is landed on. I started out with a rectangle to represent the outermost dimensions of the leveler feet. I then made the front and back of the rectangle pointed. 120 degree point in the front, 150 degrees in the back  I then rounded each corner in the new 6-sided shapes using arcs that are tangent to the vertex of each corner. I then used the offset tool to repeat that shape several times, progressively smaller inside the first. I then used the push/pull tool to create the profile of the ring that will surround the future leveler foot. I then beveled the edges of the ring that extend down the most. I didn’t want the surrounding ring to look like it was just a ring on the surface of the hull so I gave it an inner surface.

The actual feet for the leveler feet are the same shape as the outer rings. They are just enough smaller in size to move freely inside the rings. I made the feet thick enough to make them look substantial enough for size of the ship. I beveled the outside of the feet and added treads that fit the shape of the feet.

I decided to make the docking rings on the bridge section of the ship similar to the ones on the Tantive IV Corellian Corvette but with a different hatch design. Why a different hatch design? Well, it’s impossible for me to tell how the ones on that ship even work. Yes, I did eventually figure out the ones on the Millennium Falcon for my first ship design but there was more to work with on that one. The ones on the Tantive IV just look like a bulge with a tiny out-of-scale hatch on it. So, the actual docking rings are similar but that’s where it ends. The images in the gallery below will show the buildup of the outer ring.

The hatch I designed is comprised of 8 doors arranged in an octagon that open inwards. The doors are surrounded by the inner rings of the docking ring which are designed to interface with small freighters and transports. More specifically, the inner rings are for my smaller 210CR Blockade Runner to dock with. The center hub that locks the hatch is attached to the bottom door. The upper 7 doors open first followed by the bottom door. The bottom door recesses into the floor of the airlock when open. The airlock will be finished at a later time.

What’s next? The rear landing gear, the buildup of the primary weapon and a few exterior details.

See the gallery below or here to see what was added this update:

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