Untitled Capital Ship Project Update 23

After finishing the Mess Hall and the Galley I started working on the Crew Bunk Rooms.  These rooms are intended for the flight and engineering crew but not for other personnel and senior officers who will have state rooms. There are four of these rooms for housing 48 crewmembers. The layout of the rooms had already been established and the design for the bunk pods was already done but now was time to put the rest of the design together.

Starting with what I had done already, I applied materials to the existing components including the bunk pods. I then added the standard ceiling details to the room as well as adding the floor.

The bunk rooms needed an area for the bunk-mates belongings so the next thing I worked on was adding lockers to the wall opposite to the pods. To make space for the lockers, I moved the wall they would be on away from the bulkhead so the lockers would fit flush with the wall. After the wall was moved I fixed the ceiling to line up with the wall’s new position. The dividers between the panels on the wall had lights and I figured they would be too bright for people trying to sleep so I made a new divider without lights.

For the design of the lockers I first went on the Internet to look for inspiration for their design, but, after no luck finding a design I liked, I just started modeling something. I made the cabinet for the locker with a place for the lockable door and an open cubby below. To make the wall look more visibly interesting, I made the locker doors alternate from top to bottom along the wall. The locker doors were modeled with rounded front faces. I created an inset with a thinner profile just to add detail. The locker doors needed locks (hence lockers) so I made a push button lock with a handle. Finally, I decided the lockers shouldn’t go all the way to the crown on the ceiling because they would be too hard to get access to so I shortened the lockers significantly.

After the bunk pods and lockers were done it was time to work on the Head and the Shower Room. For the showers I opted again to use a pod like design. The showers have a cylindrical interior with sliding doors for privacy. Each one has a rain shower had centered at the top of the interior with a drain in the floor. Once the showers were designed, I added the wall panels and ceiling tiles to the area for the head and the showers. The wall panels are simple with only a beveled edge on their perimeter and very like gray. I played around with the layout of the room and eventually settled on having just four showers on the right-side wall with a partition wall dividing off the room.

Moving on I started working on waste extractor (toilet) stalls. The waste extractor design is based on the one in my first ship like the one in the Brig. The stalls each have two doors that would operate in unison as they open and close. The design isn’t much different from ones in the real world and there is no need to stray too from that design.

For the sinks in the head, I again borrowed from my first ship design. I neglected to take any screen captures as I worked on this but it’s no big deal here. Instead of individual sink tubs I created a long L-shaped trough along the walls. The mirrors were just resized to fit the wall panels. The faucets were changed so they would come out of the walls and have buttons for controls. I put the hand drier and the soap dispenser on either side of the faucets on the wall.

Now that the Head and Shower Room was done the only thing left to do was put in a bench in front of the lockers for the crew members to dress themselves. The bench design is modular so it can be used pretty much anywhere need on the ship.

What’s next? I will tackle State Rooms and the rest of the crew quarters.

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