Untitled Capital Ship Project Update 24

Now that the Crew Bunk Rooms were finished I could move on to the rest of the crew quarters. I ended up creating just three types of State Rooms: One for the most senior officers (8), one for officers (8) and the last one for general crew members of the ship (64). I did one thing to the Mess Hall and the Galley that I had forgotten to do before starting on the rooms.

I discovered that a forgot to make something for collection of the dirty food trays in the Mess hall so I worked on making that first. Basically I created a wall panel with three slots that go through the wall of the Mess Hall and into a cabinet inside the Galley. There are three receptacles inside the cabinet that remove when full of dirty trays. I didn’t make anything for cleaning them but I guess there would be a droid for that.

The first type of State Room I worked on is the largest and it is for Senior Officers and any guest passengers of the ship. These are located right off the main bridge just outside of the portcullis-like blast door. I started off by designing all new wall panels. Each wall section has four horizontal panels instead of two large squares or eight smaller squares that is seen throughout the ship. The light crown and floor molding is based on the standard type but I made them a lot more shallow. The wall section dividers were then made to follow the contour of the light crown. I wanted the living areas to have a softer look than the work areas and I think the new components accomplished that.

I laid out the room with the new panels while leaving space for the head (bathroom). I went ahead and modeled the head using the the wall panels from the Crew Bunk Room’s head. I made a single vanity sink along with the mirror also based on the ones in the other room. I added the waste extractor and the shower pod and that part of the State Room was done with exception to the ceiling.

Since the Large State Room are for officers, I felt they deserved to have a desk to use outside of their command duties. I had thought curved wall panels in room corners would go well in the room so I made one with a four-foot radius where the desk would be. I started with two curved panels at the top of the wall section and one at the bottom. I left the flat panels in the remaining area and made a desktop that curved outward atop of the bottom curved panel. I then made flat surface under the second curved panel down from the top of the wall section and put a pot light in the middle of it to illuminate the desktop. I thought it looked odd with the two upper curved panels so I reduced it to just one at the top of the wall. Once I pasted in a chair from the Situation Room in front of the desk it was done.

Next, the room needed a storage locker… I decided on using the storage locker from the Crew Bunk Rooms, so to make space, I pulled the wall panels next to the head forward by two feet. I made a two foot radius curved wall panel to transition from the head door to the locker.

The room needed a bed and I opted for the equivalent of a queen sized bed. I didn’t take any screenshots of the bed as I modeled it but it wasn’t hard to make. Because it is in the corner of the room I made a headboard that wraps around the wall. I wanted the bed to look as though it was floating, so, much of it is cantilevered over the floor. The mattress sections came from the beds in the Medbay and were re-sized to fit the bed.

With the bed in the corner of the room there was a lot of space left to fill in the room so I decided to add a sitting area across from it. First off, I made the corner opposite of the bed round as well. I added a niche shelf to the corner for some detail. For the chairs I took just a few moments to come up with an idea for what they would look like. I just made a path and a profile and used the Follow Me tool to create the shape of the chair and then the Fredo6 Round Corner extension to round the bottom edges of the ‘cushioning’. The end table was made the same way and made in a slight arc so the chairs slightly face each other.

The room needed more storage so I made an open closet unit next to the locker I added earlier. It is really no different from a standard closet organizer. Again, no need to reinvent the wheel.

The last thing I did in the large State Room was add the ceiling. I added the standard ceiling bezel and created curved sections for the rounded corners. Instead of using ceiling tiles, this time I made the ceiling one large glowing light source that would be designed to give the room soft ambient and natural light. I suppose it could also display a natural looking sky if the occupant wanted.

The two other types of State Rooms are just derivatives of the large one except they are much smaller and have bunk beds for double occupancy. The bunk bed unit is directly based on the bed in the recovery rooms in the Medbay. When I made the beds for the Medbay I designed them exactly for the purpose of adapting the design for bunk beds later on. I removed the medical equipment on the side of the bed and replaced it with step-ladder rungs.

The smaller rooms needed storage so I made the panels below the lower bunks into lockable storage drawers.

As far as placement in the ship, there are 8 State Rooms in the Escape Pod Junction corridor. These rooms include a corner desk just like the one in the large State Room. They accommodate 16 crew members total. The rest of the State Rooms, which account for the majority of them, are off of the narrow corridors above and below the middle deck corridor for a total of 64 double occupancy rooms. These rooms combined house 128 crew members. Add these rooms to the 4 large State Rooms plus the 4 Crew Bunk Rooms the ship can accommodate a crew of 196.

What’s next? The ship is nearly completed and most of the rooms are done. I have added some more Escape Pods and reconfigured the locations of some of the rooms since the progress in this update and will address that in the next update I write. I will also be adding the gunner stations and finishing off the torpedo rooms. I am currently thinking about alternatives to the Turbolifts if power to ship is theoretically lost as well.

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  1. Wow! Jedi Charles, I’m speechless. You clearly have dedicated yourself to this in a major way! I use sketchup models as backdrops on my comic strip and while looking around I found your blockade runner, which led me to this one. If I did Science Fiction, I’d be totally bunkers over this model.

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