P230-4 Inquisitor-Class Frigate image galleries posted

galleryThe image galleries for the exterior and interior of my Outer Rim Industries P230-4 Inquisitor-Class Frigate are now posted to this site and can be found on the description page for the completed model. I have also updated the image gallery for the Outer Rim Industries 210CR Fortified Blockade Runner to match the design of the new galleries.

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  1. Will the .skp file be a download eventually? Your other ship is a massive source of technical inspiration for me and I really want to see this one as well!

  2. Hi, I am glad you like what I have done. I have been debating whether or not I should share source of this one but I guess now is a good time than never. I will see about uploading this monster.

  3. Wow, the model is 58.4MB. It is too big for the 3D Warehouse being that the limit is 50MB. I will have to put it on Dropbox.

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