Rey’s LPA NN-14 blaster pistol

01 - RenderingAfter all the classic Star Wars Blasters I have modeled, I decided to model one of the newest props to grace the silver screen. This time it is the blaster given to Rey by Han Solo in The Force Awakens. She puts it to good use outside Maz Kanata’s castle right before Kylo Ren captures her.

This prop. unlike the ones in the Original Star Wars Trilogy, was not based on an actual gun from earth. With exception to the design of the grips (which appear to be Mouser C96 grips put on backwards with the mounting holes relocated), everything about this prop was designed machined from scratch. The main screws used on the prop are Security Torx machine screws and the others are hex socket cap screws and socket button head screws.

The main difficulty in modeling this blaster was the dimensions. I always try my best to match real world dimensions based on photos but due to the few available reference images, I had to assume that the grip was the same size as an actual Mauser C96 grip and from there I was able to determine the scale. I have seen versions of this prop that were 3D printed and most of the dimensions from those seem to make the prop way too big. When it came to matching up screws with photos of the prop, I found that the dimensions for the overall model were spot on as the dimensions I pulled from photos matched the size standards for these screws.

02 - LPA NN-14 blaster pistol03 - Right Side04 - Left Side05 - Muzzle
06 - Grip End07 - Grip08 - Adjustment Knob09 - Trigger
10 - Safety11 - Emitter12 - 4-40 0.1875 Torx Security Pan Head Screws (18X)13 - 4-40 0.375 Torx Security Pan Head Screws (4X)
14 - 4-40 0.75 Torx Security Pan Head Screws (2X)15 - 4-40 0.5 Torx Security Pan Head Screw16 - 1-64 0.1875 Socket Cap Screws (6X)17 - 6-32 0.375 Socket Button Head Screws (4X)
18 - Ready for Electronics19 - MicroswitchesRenderings

I modeled the prop with 3D printing in mind although it is not something I have done before. I also left a lot of space inside the blaster for someone to add electronics and wiring for sound and light effects if they wanted to add that to it. In the model, I have places for small micro-switches in the rear section for the safety and the trigger. The safety lever is designed to slide and engage with one switch and the trigger is designed to engage with another. because of the limited space between the grips, the switches themselves would be mounted used heavy duty double stick tape. There are also pins inside the gun to attach a spring the trigger. The switches in the model are the D2F type from Omron Electronics. One is a hinge-lever version (for the trigger) and the other is a simulated roller-lever (for the sliding safety lever).

If this prop is 3D printed, it is meant to use real screws. Because of this, the screw holes that would need tapping are sized appropriately. The rest of the screws holes, where screws are meant to slip through, have been sized large enough to clear the threads. Originally, there were a lot more screws used in the model, but I found that I could eliminate quite a few by using longer screws that would secure not only the removable side panels to the body, but also secure the grip handle and the base of the blaster barrel. The only part that would need glue or some welding is the gun barrel itself.

Here is a list of the screws used:
4-40 3/16 Torx Security Pan Head Screws (18X)
4-40 3/8 Torx Security Pan Head Screws (4X)
4-40 3/4 Torx Security Pan Head Screws (2X)
4-40 1/2 Torx Security Pan Head Screw (1X)
1-64 x 3/16 Socket Cap Screws (6X)
6-32 x3/8 Socket Button Head Screws (4X)

Link to the model in the 3D Warehouse:
LPA NN-14 blaster pistol

What’s next? I am zeroing in on modeling Luke’s landspeeder from Star Wars – A New Hope.

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