Outer Rim Industries P230-4 Inquisitor-Class Frigate

Front View

This is the second starship I have designed and modeled in SketchUp. I, once again, designed this ship to operate in the Star Wars universe. I wanted to do something a little bigger than the previous ship and by the time the outer hull reached its finished size, this ship is over two and a half times longer than the first. Because of the size of the ship and for modeling the complete interior (with exception to redundant rooms), I took over four years to complete the design.

The primary role of the ship is gathering intelligence and for use in reconnaissance missions. The Venator-class Star Destroyer from Revenge of the Sith, the Tantive IV CR90 corvette (commonly known as the Rebel Blockade Runner) from A New Hope, and the Radiant VII Consular-class space cruiser from The Phantom Menace all inspired the design.


To download and view the entire model you must have SketchUp 2015 or Greater installed.

SketchUp 2015:


Manufacturer Outer Rim Industries
Model P230-4 Frigate
Class Inquisitor
Length 870’2 (265 meters)
Width 457’2 (139 meters)
Height 167’4 (50.0 meters) including comm. array
Maximum Speed (sublight) 35NGLT/hour
Maximum Speed (atmospheric) 980km/h
Hyperdrive Rating Class 2
Sublight Engines 4
Hyperdrive System Isu-Sim SSP07X Hyperdrive Generator
Atmospheric Thrusters 2 Ion Drivers
Power Plant ORI P12 Matter/Anti-Matter Reactor
Outer Hull Re-inforced Ferro-Magnesium Ceramic
Armament 1 Heavy Turbolaser Cannon, 6 Medium Turbolaser Turrets, 12 Light Turbolaser Turrets, 2 Proton Torpedo Launchers (each loaded with 8 missiles)
Cargo Capacity 6000 Metric Tons
Consumables 24 Months (More if there is room in cargo bay)
Crew Complement 200 (1 Captain, 2 Commanders, 4 Lieutenants, 8 Tactical Officers, 8 Communications Officers, 8 Engineers, 4 Helmsmen, 8 Navigators, 4 Security Officers, 1 Doctor, 2 Medics, 3 Scientists, 4 Cargo Specialists, 1 Chef, 48 Flight Crew, 20 Gunners, 54 Crewmen, 20 Passengers)
Droids 8 Astromech Repair Droids
Escape Pods 20 8-Passenger Escape Pods (Can handle up 10 each in a pinch.)


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