Untitled Capital Ship Project Update 12

It’s been about 4 months since my last update on the ship’s progress but that’s because I have been busy working on other things. I could have written something a lot sooner except I decided to wait until I completely finished modeling the Bridge. Well, ‘completely’ might be an exaggeration because I will probably think of something else to add to it.

So, this time around I was able to do quite a bit. In the Helm section of the Bridge, I added computer consoles and a ceiling fixture. On the Main Bridge… I added computer consoles to the crew pits, designed a curved workstations with large tactical screens, designed controls for the doors and turbolifts on the ship, finished the docking ring airlocks, reconfigured the Bridge with regards to the Ready Room and Conference Room while finishing both rooms, changed out the entrance for the Bridge with something more substantial, added a Command Salon after shrinking down the Ready Room and finally created some star chart screens. Continue reading

Untitled Capital Ship Project Update 6

Once again I did a lot of work on the ship without writing one of these updates so there will be 2 updates. In this update I am focusing on the designing of the front entrance of the ship, the front landing gear and the main docking rings. In the next update I will be covering the rear landing gear, the buildup of the primary weapon and a few exterior details.

In order to accommodate a front entrance for the ship I added on to bottom of the bridge section giving the ship a “big chin”. The additional depth of the bridge section allowed me to extend the turbolift shaft to the new entrance. In addition to being the front entrance to the ship, the new bottom of the bridge serves as the front landing gear. Continue reading

210CR Updated: New Docking Ports

The docking ports on my 210CR starship have bothered me since the day I modeled them because it was hard to make heads or tails out of the images of the Millennium Falcon’s docking ports that I could find at the time. The main problem is that nobody seems to know how they work and without a better photo it’s impossible to tell. But since I modeled the docking ports I was able to get a great close up when I went to the Star Wars Exhibit last May.

Still, even with the close up I wasn’t sure how they worked but I  was able to make out all of the details on the model. As I about to model the docking ports on my new starship project and it made me do some more research on the web to finally figure out how they work on the Falcon. Somebody came up with the theory that there are 6 small doors that open inwards with the center section attached to the top one. Finally it seemed to make sense. The inner doors are supposed to open inwards as well but the detail on the model simply doesn’t allow them to.

So, now that I had an idea about how they worked, I decided to completely redo the docking ports on the 210CR. To make them function I had to use a little artistic license and decided what certain parts would do. I made the parts that surround the doors a locking system that would hold the doors shut magnetically. Magnetism should be enough because the air pressure behind the doors would pretty much keep them shut in the vacuum of space.

The inner doors were the only parts that opened before but now, in contrast, they no longer open. Someday this will bug me and you will see another update like this one.

The new docking ports are now part of version 1.1 of the model and can be downloaded on the starship’s page.