Google SketchUp 3D Challenge #125 – Barbecues and Grills

Now that I finished the Star Wars blasters I was able to do a challenge and as a bonus I actually finished it in time! For my entry I chose to design a modern style outdoor gas grill that is similar to one featured on a Discovery Channel show I watched several years ago. What sets my design apart from the inspiration are the digital touch screen controls, dual slide out burners for pots and pans, and a unique wave pattern for the cooking grids. I thought about adding even more features but then I thought it would complicate things and possibly take too long.

The grill has a lid that recesses into the flat surface just like the one I saw on TV except mine has a wavy shaped handle to match the cooking grids. All of the drawers have a shorter version of that handle. I was thinking about adding a pop out rotisserie on the opposite side from the lid which would have been cool to do but by the time I figured out exactly how to design that I would have been way too late to enter the challenge.

Usually in these challenges I don’t bother with modeling an entire scene for but in this case I also modeled a simple deck and pergola to display the grill on. What is great about modern design is that things are not overly ornate so because of that it was no sweat to create the deck, pergola and outdoor table. I could have gone a lot further by adding place settings to the table, outdoor lights and even a fire pit but doing all that would distract from the whole idea of the challenge which was modeling a barbeque or grill.

See the model in the Google 3D Warehouse here and the gallery below: