Starship Project Update 16

I had previously said in my last update that the next update would probably be the last starship project update but in reality there is still a lot to do. A lot of time has passed since update 15 and that is due to other SketchUp projects taking focus. The Infirmary and the Brig are now done to my satisfaction and they are the main topic for this update.

The first thing I did this time was to define the spaces for the head and showers. I removed the second door to the head and showers because there was no reason for a separate entrance. For the interior of the room I added a dividing wall right down the middle and put a pocket door on it close to the entrance. The first half of the room when entered will be the head and the other will be for the showers. These rooms will be finished by the time of the next update.

I then moved on to creating the space for the Infirmary and the Brig. The brig only needed to be a small room so that’s why I placed these two unrelated rooms in the same hull section. I made the space for the brig a quarter of a room and I left the rest for the Infirmary.

The brig is made up of two rooms: the entry area and the actual cell. The entry is is just one standard wall panel deep and the cell takes up the rest of the space. The cell has solid black walls making it the only room on the main ship without modular walls. The cell door uses the same design as the pocket doors but with a reinforced transparasteel windows. Next to the cell door is an additional transparasteel window on either side of the wall that the cell door slides between. The cell door is only operated by the internal entry door control panel for obvious reasons. Inside the cell is a padded bench for sitting or lying on. Attached to the end of the bench is a waste extraction unit (toilet) which I just realized I left out a sink, oops. I’ll add a sink later.

For the Infirmary I needed to accommodate what, in Star Wars, is called a bacta tank. It is basically a tank filled with a substance, called bacta, which has special healing properties. The injured patient is submerged in the bacta and suspended with a harness and breathe with an apparatus. They stay in the tank until they are sufficiently healed. The problem is that there is enough headroom in the room to lower someone into the tank from the top, so I had to lower the floor and raise the ceiling. I built stairs into the floor at entrance of the Infirmary. I then modeled the tank and a platform at the top of it. I put a ladder panel on each side of the platform to allow access to it. I then made a simple frame with a winch to lower the patient with the harness into the tank.

I took a break from the project for a while and when I returned to it to finish the rest of the Infirmary. I created the control panel for the bacta tank which finished that part of the room. I then went on to designing an exam table. I didn’t have much to go on so I designed the exam table similarly to the operating table seen in Star Trek: The Next Generation. I built in a full body scanner that is hinged over the bed surface. The scanner is mounted to a track underneath the table. I put in two of these tables on the back wall. There needed to be a display behind each table so I designed them based on the computer console display screen. I then added a computer console next to the exam tables. Because of the lowered floor I had to make the patient displays low enough to be at the proper height. When they were finished I didn’t like it because it took away from the modular design of the ship and it made it hard to add storage to the room. So it occurred to me that only the floor for the bacta tank had to be lowered. I moved the stairs to just in front of the tank platform but making it only wide enough to walk down it. I then fixed the patient displays and computer console to make them the right height. The last thing I did was put some storage cabinets by the door.

While the ship is still not finished I still accomplished a lot this time around. The only things remaining to be done (until I think of more) are the fixtures for the bathroom facilities, more interior lighting, shipping containers for the cargo section and graphics for the display screens. I might also reconfigure one of the airlocks into a conference room with a round transparasteel window. I mentioned a small morgue in the last update but there is just no room. I will figure something out. I won’t be adding droids to model which would be cool but I think that will make the model way to complex and big in file size.

See the gallery below or here to see what was added this update: